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Photo Anno 1900, the original antique photos in Salzburg!

Photo Anno 1900 was grounded in July of 1996. Back then, the photos were taken traditionally with a classic plate camera, and were exposed and developed by hand. The last analogue photo we took was on September 12, 2006, with Leo and Traudl Lanz. They were both travelling to produce a documentary for the Bavarian television, and knew they had to make a stop here at our stop. Because of high demand, we realised that it would be best to use that date to update ourselves technologically and expand our business digitally. In the meantime, we have had countless return customers from all over the world, who continue to find their way to us when they visit Salzburg, so they can have us take another wonderful antique photo.

Salzburg is one of the most historically impressive cities of Austria. Whether Mozart, the fortress, the Salzburg Stierwäscher (steer washers) or the cathedral, Salzburg is pure history. We would like to offer you, as a visitor of this wonderful city, the results of one of our unique ideas: the possibility of becoming a part of this history.

That's why we chose to specialise in the photographic style of the year 1900. Become a piece of the history of Salzburg with one of our high quality, one of a kind photographs. You'll love being photographed in costume by one of our top photographers, and you'll especially love getting to take one of the most unique souvenirs possible home with you.

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